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......................................... Seth and Julia are two thirty-somethings, working in dreary office jobs. Alienated from their bosses and coworkers, they spend their days amusing themselves through cynical observations and clinging to the idea that their ability to remain detached will lead them to a better future. Julia dreams of a new career as a writer, while Seth longs to overcome the crassness of his surroundings and get up the nerve to approach the beautiful coworker he admires in secret.

After a typical Friday at work, the two friends are set to play- to drown their sorrows, to swap war stories and to reinforce each other's sense of superiority. Unfortunately, after spending a little too much time indulging, they miss their train home and are left at the mercy of the city bus system.

Just at the point when they think that their night is ending, Seth and Julia find themselves penniless, attending a late-night party with guests ranging from the artistic to the insane, stumbling on a thief at work, counseling a possibly unstable robbery victim, digging through garbage in an alley, being accosted by a religious zealot in an emergency ward, finding a dead body and, most terrifying of all, confronting the exes who broke their hearts.

Contact with the night's idiosyncratic group of characters ultimately brings the two to question what it is that makes them different from the people they love to mock. They face the fear that distinctiveness and originality are fragile and possibly fleeting with humour, compassion, and friendship.

Feature Film Currently in Production.